OK, you already know about my love for the world of non-padded, and it's about to get emotional...

THIS BRA RIGHT HERE. THIS BRA, is the answer to all of my lingerie fit / comfort / slimming / chic / gorgeousness prayers!

I'm no shrinking titty violet - in this particular bra (depending on colourway of course ;) I am a 32DD - rare sight on the British high st nowadays) but this bra, I can't even <3

A gorgeous, non-padded, virtually seamless creation with the most beautiful vest-like straps. The straps by the way, make such a statement themselves that who cares if anyone sees?!

It flatters me, minimises me, and is sexy as hell. Girls, please note; as I have matured so have my tastes. Now its sheer cup > padded push-ups everytime. And I wish I had 215 in EVERY COLOUR.

So the price point is £26.00 GPB and it's from Rosie Huntington-Whitely's line 'Rosie for Autograph' at Marks & Spencer..

The real heartbreaker here? They have DISCONTINUED THE RANGE! I have managed to track a couple down on Ebay... But that's not enough for me. It came in dusty rose, black, white and pastel blue... And if those colourways and this bloody bra isn't in your drawer I'm not sure I can carry on!

So pop me an email - if you would like to join me in my fight to bring this piece of loveliness back into all our lives... I will be personally reaching out to M&S to request its' return to M&S in the hopes we can make this happen!

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