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maternity and nursing bras: the lowdown

Here's the Skinny...

Becoming a Mother; the single most important thing a Woman can do in her lifetime.

Our bodies are amazing. We conceive, build a tiny human in the womb, give birth (!!) and we feed our young. 

Now at the request of two of our favorite readers (and new Mothers), Hannah and Lisa, it is the latter, along with pre-baby-birth bras we are going to talk about today.

First, let's bust some myths here: you CAN wear a wired bra when pregnant or breastfeeding, but these must fit perfectly - or you can do serious damage to yourself, and in turn, to baby. So long as the wire is sitting away from any breast tissue this is fine. For ladies from the larger breast family, it is understandable you would not want to spend 12 plus months in a non-wired bra. As quite simply they don't offer the necessary support of their wired counterparts.

Secondly, if you are on a budget, it is possible to convert almost any plunge / balconette / full-cup bra into a feeding bra. With a little patience and basic sewing skills that is. Otherwise you can take this to your local dress-makers and it shouldn't cost you a fortune to make these small alterations. Just shout if you want a Lamen's guide for this :) hooks or snaps are a bargain.

Thirdly, it is worth mentioning that like with all lingerie, maternity and nursing lingerie can be pricey. So sign up to Mama-friendly sites like Zulily who regularly have flash sales, and have featured maternity lingerie power players like Hotmilk and Cake several times of late.


Fourthly, when nursing, the IDEAL bra is one made from natural fibers, e.g. pure cotton / merino wool / silk / cashmere and so on. 

FastFood make a practical (although non-sexy) 80% merino wool maternity / nursing bra up to an XL

Little Spruce Organics make a 92% organic cotton nursing bra which is reasonably priced and fits well on most, up to a size of 6 DE (so a 36 back and to an E cup)

Ok we've shared some facts - now here's the hit list. We have covered brands that A) fit well, B) are sexy as hell and C) cover off the spectrum of budgets of our readers. If you feel there's something missing don't be afraid to shout :)

Bella Materna - US brand that produces toxin-free and high-quality products designed to enhance your form during this wonderful time of your life :) Below is the Plunge Racerback Nursing Bra which comes in a S, M and L size.



Amoralia - Lovely British brand now stocked on ASOS too, sizes up to a 38E









Belabumbum - Ethically sourced maternity and nursing intimates, loungewear, day-to-day and activewear - here's Reece Witherspoon looking sassy in their uber-handy / super-practical, reversible maternity dress - sized to an XL (42E)






















Bravado's Sublime Bra - totally gorgeous and a wonderful fit and super-reasonably priced! Sized up to a 36K



















Lorna Drew - Gorgeous / well-fitting and plunge-style bras if you don't fancy turtle-necks for 9 months :) Up to a 38HH

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