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So today La Perla dropped the online preview of their new S/S 17 campaign featuring Kendall Jenner, Isabeli Fontana and Far-East La Perla Lifestyle ambassador, Liu Wen.

This collection introduces the World to La Perla's new Creative Director Julia Haart. It also introduces her innovative new vision for the brand. Haart tells Vogue - "What we're trying to do with this ready-to-wear collection is to bring something newer to the market. I think women want a new choice, and what I mean by that is I think women have been told their entire lives that you have to suffer for beauty, well, I don't believe in that, and I would like to give women a new choice."

The models are posed against a back-drop of various symbolic images which represent the female struggle and feminism as a whole. This was conceptualised by Art Director Fabien Baron, who describes the vision as "The liberation of every woman from the need to suffer for beauty."

Personally, I will be honest, I don't get it. The use of imagery is weak, watered-down and low impact. I had to look again at every image to struggle to see the 'broken glass' or 'burning' projection in the background. And as for the designs themselves, sure, they channel the luxe, sleek and elegant fingerprint the brand is known for. But as far as spearheading a 'new' vision, there is more to be seen. The collection isn't progressive by any means and in my opinion (which I believe is formidable given that I have sold the brand for around 6 years) contains nothing new. No new shapes, the usual printed outerwear pieces are there, but there is very little else. And I am dissapointed they used Kendall in the campaign. She is only iconic by default. I see the brand - it being 62 years old - as timeless. There are far more models in the fore currently that could represent La Perla's classic asthetic far better. Take a look for yourself...

Image credits - Steve Klein / La Perla


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