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plus size & full cup: 5 best bra brands

Let's get ahead of the curve...

Here are some key facts and figures around this subject:

  • 10 years ago the average British Woman's bra size was 34B, 5 years ago it was 36C, and now it is 36DD. Interestingly this is the same it the USA!

  • Curvy Kate recently did some in-depth research into just how much our boobs weigh - and HH-Cup breasts weight the same as two IPads!

  • 'Full Bust' and 'Plus Size' mean different things. 'Full Bust' refers to the letter (cup size) and starts around a DD / E. 'Plus Size' refers to the band size and starts around the 38-40 mark.

  • The World's largest cup size is 102ZZZ (!!) so if a HH-Cup feels like carrying two IPads on your chest, 102ZZZ must feel like carrying two Ford Mustangs in your bra. The neck pain is unimaginable!

  • There is a distinct lack of 'classically beautiful' lingerie available to cater for this market. More readily available for our Full Busters is 'cutsey florals' and bightly coloured pieces. Until now. See below for a (by no means exhaustive) list. Note: these are in no particular order - as this shortlist is based on subjective knowledge and research :)

First up - Prima Donna - they've been around since 1865. One of the oldest brands worth mentioning. The fit is second-to-none. Our founder spent 5 years fitting women in them, of all shapes and sizes with a 98% satisfaction rate :) Available to J-Cup; the price point is high - but worth every penny. Save up, buy 4 in different colour ways, hand-wash them, and they will last for years! Prima Donna are a German brand so naturally come up bigger in the back versus the cup, which really works when we are talking full bust. Here's the bestselling 'Deauville,' followed by 'Divine' and 'Twist' - You can read our feature about 'Divine' here - Divine Set: From Prima Donna For The Win

Next we have Empreinte - and the world-wide bestselling 'Thalia' bra. Here are three to-die-for colourways... It has a nod to that classic 50's cone shape (gorgeous under shirts, tshirts, dresses, nothing, whatever!) The 3-part cup with layered side-paneling gives INCREDIBLE support and at a reasonable price.

Now we have Full-Bust wardrobe staple - Fantasie. Your boobs' (reasonably priced) breast friend... First the smooth-cupped 'Eclipse,' followed by 'Alex

Followed by Freya - Up to a K-Cup and beautiful in design, fit and price! Here is the longline Utopia Bra (more support from the bridge than a non-longline by far), followed by the (incredibly well-fitting) 'Deco' Strapless and the dreamy 'Muse' Tshirt bra...

Finally Cleo - which you can buy via Bravissimo's main site - with all sorts of girly goodness. Admittedly we haven't fitted the brand before but have it on good authority (by a loyal Full-Busted Bra Bibler and well-educated self-fitter, that the 'Marcie' bra is 'the best bra you can own, if you're my size' :) And shhhh she's a 34 F but you'd never know it, she doesn't look a size over D-Cup! Followed up by 'Juna' and 'Piper' up to HH-Cup...

If you you have a Full-Bust 'Star Bra' we need to know about it - hit us up at and we will research and feature your bra of choice! xoxo

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