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Sexy Mastectomy bras


Cancer, the swear word. It affects us all, and as a woman to be told you must lose your breasts to save your life is really quite something.

I have lost a Grandmother to cancer, a dog, almost a best friend and several other close shaves throughout my tender years. 

In particular the experience that has affected me the most (because of her age, her otherwise good health, and her being just like me) was the Stage 2 diagnosis of my best friend a week after her 30th Birthday... I was torn up (she wasn't it, and handled the whole horrid affair like the strong, smart and effervescent woman she is.)

What upset me wasn't just the diagnosis, interrupting her otherwise lovely life; it was the ugliness of the illness, what it takes from you. It takes your dignity, your femininity, your energy. It takes you off course. She had to freeze her eggs, he, his sperm, in the hopes that when the 8 long years of treatment are up they can pick up where they left off and make the gorgeous little family they so long for and deserve. 


The battle she then had to have with the NHS to make them take both breasts (it is far easier for a surgeon to match two fake breasts to one fake and one real - as she didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night with the nightmare of the cancer returning to her other, (then healthy) breast.

But I digress. What then upset me, when the chemo / radio / surgery of both breasts is finished; how do you dress these new, and newly sensitive breasts? My friend is young, chic, feminine and lovely. With a, by her own admission, 'sexy as hell boyfriend' whom she loves very much. And sadly there is a distinct lack of lingerie available for this demographic. Then by chance, I stumbled upon Amoena. They produce beautifully crafted and designed lingerie for Women pre- and post-op. With non-wired options, beautiful designs and a realistic price-point, they are nothing short of PERFECT. Of course this isn't all they do, far from it. They also make loungewear, swimwear, sportswear, headwear and outerwear with breast form pockets. Hit 'em up girls!

I'm happy to say (again) my best friend is now in remission, her hair is growing back, and her scars are healing. But this isn't the story for everyone. And Breast Cancer in young Women is so rarely discussed - it's easy to see why there isn't a huge market for attractive, fashionable pre and post-op lingerie. Here are some other options I've discovered too - 

Nicola Jane


Pink Ribbon Lingerie

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