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Ok, there's a lot going on politically right now. And Brexit and Trump's win are both political hot potatoes currently. And we all have an opinion... We scrap in the pub about it, the office, with family / friends - partners even! People are scared of the unknown. And this website is not a political forum by any means, but we are here to inform, and inspire.

So, we were happy to see that British Lingerie brand Bluebella (now eleven years old) are currently being crowdfunded with a view to taking the US by storm, despite political unrest on both sides of the pond...

Great Britains' recent decision to Brexit, coupled with Trump's victory won't stifle international business relations, as Bluebella's flounder Emily Bendell discovered. Emily has plans to shift 10,000 bras a month in the US in addition to her UK hit rate, thanks to an equity Crowdfunding campaign set to raise £500,000, of which they have met £309,000 (when this post was written - no doubt that's going up by the minute) and the companies' projected sales are set to hit £1.7 million this year, with growth to £4.7 million expected next year, thanks to the US expansion. Targeted advertising in California and NYC should do the trick, as the buying behaviour in both places mirrors that of the UK. Time will tell of course. But Bluebella is a brand we can get behind, much like current model-of-choice and campaign Hero Tigerlily Taylor (daughter of Roger Taylor - of Queen!) has chosen to.

Bluebella recently secured deals from Nordstrom and Bare Necessities in the US to stock their goods, both with a huge online buying reach.

The Evening Standard quoted Emily (The Founder) "I was behind Team Hillary, but there is no doubt that Trump is a pro-business leader." She added "I am convinced American consumer appetite will be strong for our products and, with Brexit, it is important for companies to diversify so they are not soley stocked in the UK."

At The Bra Bible, we understand that brands defy political unrest, inter-continental differences, subjective taste and ultimately what YOU feel makes you happy. But we back a brand willing to go out on a limb to front what everyone else (we've heard - at least) is scared of, and just do it. We wish Bluebella every success in their quest for global domination :)

Photo credit: Bluebella


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