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A Brief History of Lingerie at The V&A Museum

I took a trip to old London Town recently to visit one of my favourite places; The Victoria and Albert Museum. Now as much as I love to while away the hours wondering aimlessly through this beautiful building, I had come for a purpose.​ I came to see the Undressed Exhibition I had heard so much about.

The exhibition itself covers two floors, and I allowed myself an hour and a half to cover the whole lot. Tickets are £12.00 and you can purchase them here - Undressed at The V & A

Image Disclaimer: You aren't 'supposed' to take pictures of the exhibition, so naturally I broke the rules :) below are a few of mine - Enjoy!

Top left - a stunning oriental-style construction by the ever-fabulous Bordelle

Top right - A home-made bra (probably made by a Mother for her daughter) - 1929, and a 'Tango Corset' from around 1913

Mid-left - The 'Little X' Girdle - 1960s

Mid-right - Dolce & Gabbana's Wicker dress

Bottom left - The Swarovski-encrusted corset worn by the fabulous Dita Von Teese designed by the infamous 

Bottom right - Gold corseted dress by Alexander MQueen

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