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Top tips for how to get that all important sexy Christmas present right!

Lingerie shopping for men is always scary no matter what the time of year... Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's and those 'I'm sorry' occasions. It's a minefield. Too sexy can be construed as distasteful, too lowkey and she'll think you're a prude.

Then there's the whole world of colours, shapes, brands and - most importantly - sizes to deal with. And sadly there is no fail-safe way around this struggle. But there are a few things you can do to make the job a whole lot easier.

Before embarking on this ever-uncomfortable journey of discovery, arm yourself as best you can. Ideally (when she isn't looking) have a rummage in her delicates drawer and grab three bras you have seen her wear (or three lying on the top of the drawer) check the size on the label of each, and take a picture of each bra lying flat. This is your ammo.

There are now varying tiers of difficulty when it comes to which store to visit and how to navigate your way around. Some fail-safes (where you won't feel like a pervert) are Marks and Spencer. Quite literally they have something for everyone. Department stores like Selfridges and John Lewis offer a broad range as well as unlimited assistance from sales advisors.

Agent Provocateur, La Perla and Stella McCartney are great 'indulgent' options for something extra special.

If you really want to impress, go for an independent designer. British brands such as Made by Niki and Dirty Pretty Things have a witty edge, while Fleur of England and Nichole de Carle produce exquisite finishing and details.

When in-store and asked your ladies' size don't say 'a handful' or grab the breast of the nearest mannequin. It is highly likely you are out, wayy out. Also avoid purchasing a thong, unless you know for a FACT that this is her personal preference.

When asked if your female friend prefers something 'sexy' or 'girly' ask for something simply 'beautiful.'

Hope is not lost if you struggled to get a handle on her bra size when rummaging around in her drawer of unmentionables... It is worth noting that a gorgeous cami set, slip or robe would also make lovely gifts. As afterall, the best Christmas presents are treats one wouldn't usually buy for one's self. And French Brand Marjolaine excel in this department.

Finally, always get a gift receipt!


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