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Tanzania – Wearing a bra helps reduce sexual assault for some disadvantaged African women, so we have partnered with a charity in Iringa, Tanzania to distribute donated bras to women in the remote villages and Iringa itself with funds raised going to the building of a new Masai School. The team then get a two day safari to finish off the adventure.

Founded by Ashley Platen-Mills in 2010, “Charity Road Trips” first adventure was in a 1995 Land Rover Discovery V6 from Wimborne in Dorset to Dushanbe in the Land of the Tajiks. The second hand vehicle of choice was destined to fail but fail it did not and with not even a puncture the team travelling through 16 countries, across the Georgian mountains, Caspian sea, Turkmenistan desert,the fuel starved Uzbekistan, through the Anzob Tunnel and along the Afghanistan border to The Sworde Teppa Education Centre in Querghon Teppa in Tajikistan! Ashley and his team had accumulated the support of over 60 sponsors in the six month marketing build up to the event and received camping equipment, vehicle parts and GPS equipment.

Initially a journey of self destruction turned into a epiphany and on his return Ashley decided to develop the charity to share his experiences with like-minded individuals looking for adventure and in turn helping small children’s charities across Asia and Africa and thus Adventure Aid was born.

Since that first adventure we have returned to Tajikistan with a team of people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages, ran a rally to Rome, built an orphanage in Sattenapalli, Andhra Pradesh in India, helped with education supplies in Helambu, Nepal after the Earthquake of 2015, developed a partnership with a small charity helping cleft lip/palate children in Sumatra and recently distributed 3000 second hand bras to women in Tanzania to reduce sexual assault and now committed to the building of a new Masai school.

The secret with our adventures is we personally vet each partner charity, we spend a week with them developing a long lasting friendship more than just a relationship and around our projects we build an adventure for our growing number of supporters who normally book their next adventure whilst on their first.

Adventure Aid as minimal operating costs so 100% of the donations you raise for your place on a team on any of our projects goes to that project after the trip expenses are paid. We use the gift aid to explore and develop new projects and provide an emergency fund for our current partners so everything is nice and transparent!

Check out the rest of Ash's amazing work here:


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